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The 12 Minute Affiliate Review

What's ​12 Minute Affiliate All About?

​I decided to join 12 Minute Affiliate (By Devon Brown) in order to go through it, test it, use it and see if it actually delivers on what it promises, or not!
The Basics of 12 Minute Affiliate are this:
  • Step 1: ​Set up your Opt-In Page or Bridge Page (​your info page that leads to the sales page) with just a FEW CLICKS (it's done for you)
  • Step 2: Set up your Auto-Responder (Email) Account
  • Step 3: Send Traffic to your page!

​12 Minute Affiliate is ​a brilliant system, and reminds me a lot of Anik Singal's Inbox Blueprint which used to sell for $997 or so. 

​With ​it, you're getting a program I'd say is comparable to Inbox Blueprint, but at a fraction of the price!

​Fun Fact: I was Anik Singal's Head Coach from Late 2011 through 2015, so I know a "thing or two" about Email Marketing, and have even taught it on stage in Las Vegas, and Washington DC (twice) at some of Anik's evengs in 2014, and 2015.

Anyway, Immediately upon logging in to 12 Minute Affiliate, you're given a quick start checklist which is honestly just about everything new affiliate marketers should be doing on day 1.

Step 1: Create A Free Affiliate Account (2 Minutes)

​The MOST important thing you want to do once logging into 12 Minute Affiliate for the first time is get set up with an affiliate account!  This is where you'll find products to promote and earn affiliate commissions from.  

Don't worry about going crazy getting signed up for other affiliate accounts you may know about, there will be plenty of time for that later.  The focus of this training is to promote products already on clickbank, and that's what the software is set up to help you do as well.

Step 2: Get Your Auto-Responder (2 Minutes)

​An auto-responder is an online tool that enables you to build your email list and promote your affiliate products on full auto-pilot once it's set up.  

12 Minute Affiliate uses, who I also use, and the accounts start at just $19.99 per MONTH for your first ​500 subscribers, which should easily earn you at least $500/month by the time you reach that point.  

You can also try aweber for FREE for 30 days, so there is zero risk as you also have a 60-day money back guarantee from 12 Minute Affiliate.

(The idea is, most people generate $1.00 per month per subscriber, but it could be more, and is - in many cases)

Personally, I've been using aweber since 2013 or so, and I absolutely love it.  It's not perfect, but any issues I HAVE had were quickly resolved by their support team, so it's been a fairly positive experience so far.

Click Here 

Step 3: Set Up Your Auto-Responder (Step-By-Step Instructions)

​Okay, this part is actually a REALLY cool feature/benefit of 12 Minute Affiliate - and I mean it.  For those of you that HAVE used an auto-responder before, you know that you have to add each email in your series manually.  

  • Day 1, Send this Email
  • Day 2, Send This Email
  • Day 3, send THIS email
  • Day 4, send THIS email
  • Etc, etc...​

12 Minute Affiliate Makes this part SUPER easy for you by giving you an IMPORT key/code you can use to add auto-generated emails (with YOUR affiliate links) automatically into your aweber account that were already set up by Devon Brown and the 12 Minute Affiliate Team!

This feature of 12 Minute Affiliate will seriously save you HOURS, I can say that from experience having set up MANY email campaigns from scratch across a vast variety of online and offline niches.

For those who have NOT done this before, it may take you 10-15 minutes - once you understand the process, it should not take more than 5 minutes.

The price of 12 Minute Affiliate is worth it JUST for these emails and time saved alone!

(Important: ​​There is also an optional feature, below, where Devon's 12 Minute Affiliate team will set up your aweber account FOR you - but honestly, I recommend you do it yourself.  It'll be a learning experience, and you'll better understand how it works.)

Step 4: Activate Your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels

​The Funnel Pages are SUPER Easy to Set up as well, first you'll want to select from one of the 3 available niches; Online Business, Health, and Personal Development.

​Just select your template (pictured below), make a FEW small customization's, and BOOM - you've got a TON of different and fully-built funnels to play around with, all set up to earn YOU commissions!

(The best part about this is you DON'T need your own website, these are hosted on theirs, included with your account!)

These things look AMAZING, like something you'd set up in Clickfunnels (which is either $97 or $297 per month) - and you don't have to spend a ton of time setting them up either!

12 Minute Affiliate Opt-In Page Builder

Here's an example of one I played around with, i had to edit it to appear sideways to discourage ​fake ​review affiliates from stealing my images, like they often do. 

12 Minute Affiliate MMO Funnel Opt-In Page Example

(Optional) - Done-For-You Setup (2 Minutes)

​As I mentioned before, you have the option for ​the 12 Minute Affiliate team to set this up entirely for you for a small fee.  It's not that expensive, but I recommend you do it yourself as it's pretty easy, and you'll understand better how it works.

Even if you're not tech savvy, watch the video, and at least try it yourself. 

You'll have the sense of accomplishment for learning and doing something new! (Go you, pat yourself on the back!) 🙂

Step 5: Get Done-For-You Traffic (2 Minutes)

12 Minute Affiliate - Get Traffic

​This is the FUN PART (yes, really).  

You're going to choose the niche you want ​the 12 Minute Affiliate team to ​send traffic to you for, select the # of clicks/visitors, ​and activate!

Here's the thing you need to understand, Traffic on the internet is one of two things:

  1. Paid and Instant
  2. Free or Time Consuming

12 Minute Affiliate focuses on paid traffic, as it's honestly easier than learning how to do Search Engine Optimization and other 'free' types of traffic generation.

As Devon mentioned in the 12 Minute Affiliate sales presentation, it's as easy as ordering a pizza.

1.  Choose the Type of Traffic you want (niche specific)

2.  Choose how many clicks/visitors you want

3.  Send Them.

Most good opt-in pages should have a 40-60% opt-in rate - that means if you send 1,000 (real, human) visitors, you should have 400-600 new people on your list.

​Once you have them on your list, they'll be drip-fed the auto-responder sequence emails for however many days your particular campaign is.  (These emails, of course, drip out promotional content with YOUR clickbank affiliate link!)

If you want to learn SEO or other Free Traffic Methods​, understand that they're NOT that easy.  You'll need to prepare to spend a lot of time and money learning how to do it, writing or paying for content, and buying or building backlinks.  

Any REAL online business requires you to invest a little bit of money, but you can always start small and scale (invest more) as you start to earn a profit.

Good News: If Free Traffic still sounds appealing to you, there IS a free Mini Traffic Course (UN-announced on the sales page) also included with 12 Minute Affiliate!

It goes into traffic methods such as: Press Releases, Video Marketing, Classifieds Marketing, Web 2.0 Pages, Social Media, Answer Sites & More!

​Anything Upsells or "OTOs" with 12 Minute Affiliate?

​Of course, what program would be complete WITHOUT a few additional offers on the back end? LOL

These are NOT needed to have success with the program, if you focus on getting quality traffic and testing new pages, you should see some new subscribers and sales coming into your accounts.

BUT - for those that are curious, there are a few upsells (that you can purchase anytime)

Upsell #1 - Coaching!

If you want to learn skills like:
  • How to use your auto-responder
  • How to find even more profitable products to promote
  • How to and how to get 3X to 5X more results in just 15 minutes a day

Then your BEST option is to get a human being to hold your hand.

It's just a fact; you'll learn and understand more in a few hours of personalized hand holding, than you will in a several months trying to learn yourself.

They have two coaching options available:

Coaching Option 1 Includes 3 Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions, lasting about an hour each.  The goal of these is to gain the Ability to complete all the basics (like using your auto-responder & finding more affiliate products).  I would say this is PERFECT for complete newbies that require more hand-holding.

To be fair - this stuff IS all covered in the training videos, so only get the Coaching 1 Package if you're totally lost or stuck. 🙂

​Coaching Option 2 ​is known as their Affiliate Mastery Platinum (AMP) coaching and is a bit more expensive.  It includes 1-on-1 coaching (unlimited) for 60 days, and quite a bit more.  I'm not going to go into too much details on this one now, but you do need to apply in order to be considered.​​​

I'll be honest, while these are NOT needed, I would recommend you MAYBE consider the coaching ​#1 bonus if you feel you need additional help.

Upsell #2: Account Upgrade

​​Basic Membership
Monthly – $47
One-Time – $397

Gold Membership
Monthly – $97
One-Time – $797

With the basic membership, you get the landing pages, products they recommend to promote, and ​the email templates for ​only one of the niches (your choice), not all 3.

If you upgrade to the Gold Package, you get all 3 niches: Online Business, Personal Development, And Health/Fitness.  ​